WiMS - Window Monitoring System

Damage detection on coated glasses

In both the public and private sectors, glazing is an essential stylistic element of modern architecture, but it also poses considerable challenges in terms of the necessary security concepts. In order to react efficiently in case of emergency (e.g. glass breakage) and to keep (consequential) damage to a minimum, the integration of these glazed surfaces into electronic building security systems is of great importance.

While a number of approaches and solutions are already available on the market for single-pane and laminated safety glass, there was yet no reliable monitoring or damage detection system for "simple" insulating glass panes (not designed as safety glass) or multi-pane insulating glass (MIG), which can also react in particular to local damage, such as that which occurs during an intervention with glass cutting systems. In addition to burglary protection, a corresponding alarm function in glasses also offers considerable added value in industrial use in machine protection panes (e.g. in lathes) and can represent a supplementary protective function for the worker.

In the project, existing insulating glass elements were used (including adhesive, functional, intermediate, protective and cover layers) to develop corresponding sensor systems for monitoring glass panes. The greatest challenge and essential link between the functional layer system and the evaluation electronics were the electrodes and the contacts. Industrial printing processes and silver inks from the network were used for this purpose.

Reliable monitoring and damage detection system for "simple" insulating glass panes and multiple insulating glass panes
  • No special safety glass required
  • Integration into insulating glass production suitable for series production
  • Electrodes applied in the space between the panes via screen printing
  • Intelligent signal evaluation for the detection of alarm events
  • Reliable detection of damage from 15 mm diameter (based on VdS 2332)
  • Reliable temperature compensation
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ZIM Cooperation Project initiated via the Network nanoInk
01.09.2019 – 31.12.2021