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World Leaders in Tin Oxide

Keeling & Walker is the leading manufacturer of Tin Oxides. They are used mainly in the ceramics and glass industry.  In Germany and Central Europe, Thermox Performance Materials GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Keeling & Walker, is supporting customers and working on the development of new applications and markets.

Tin Oxide is a white, ceramic powder. When reacted with other Metal Oxides, Colour Pigments are formed, which show high thermal stability and colour strength.

If the crystal structure of Tin Oxide is doped deliberately with other elements, not only is the colour changed but also the physical properties.  The electrical insulator Tin Oxide changes to a semiconducting Oxide.  The optical properties change too:  whereas the optical transparency in the visible range remains unchanged, a strong absorption of the Infrared Light appears.

Based on this knowledge Keeling & Walker has developed a range of IR absorbing pigments.

Under the trade names StanoStat and Irasorb doped Tin, Tungsten and Indium Oxides are offered. The special properties of the functional pigments can be used in:

  • Opaque and transparent antistatic coatings on Glass, Ceramics and Polymeric Substrates
  • IR absorbing  Solar Protection Film
  • Laser marking of Polymers
  • Laser Direct Structural curing of Polymers
  • Brand Protection
  • Functional Additive in Printing Inks
  • Additive for Powder Sintering Processes in 3D – Printing Applications

Keeling & Walker ensures their products are delivered in the most suitable form for the desired application.  For example, Self-dispersing Nano-Pigments are offered for the polymer industry eliminating the need to work with liquids or pastes to create a transparent film or plate in one step.

For Printing Inks, Nano dispersions in water and other carriers are offered, which can be mixed into formulations without great efforts.

Keeling & Walker is interested to team up with its customers, particularly as in Nanoparticle applications a close cooperation of raw material supplier, equipment manufacturer and Applicators is necessary to create a successful product.

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