Inline Particle Analysis System - Inline measurements in real time

In many production processes of dispersions, such as printing inks or inkjet inks, there is an increasing need to measure particle size in real time during production. This allows very good control over top-down and bottom-up processes as well as energy- and time-efficient product manufacturing. On the other hand, mixing during the manufacturing process prevents direct measurement in the medium. The IPAS solves this problem by means of an encapsulated measuring chamber which can be filled and rinsed automatically with the sample from the process by means of an impeller. The measuring probe of the IPAS is integrated into the measuring head of the . The ® NANO-flex II coupling with process control units enables fully automatic control and monitoring of the process sequence.

Brochure for download (PDF, 3 MB)

This project was funded within the "Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM) - BMWi.

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