Advancing your Surface Science

At KRÜSS, we see ourselves as a company which generates something new from technical know-how, scientific expertise and an abundance of passion every single day With this background, we do not only produce first-class measuring instruments for surface and interfacial chemistry – we also offer a unique combination of product and scientific advice In this way, we help our partners to optimize and make better use of their technologies.

Technology meets science

With our internally produced, high-precision mechanical systems and innovative technical solutions, we satisfy in a highly complex market We help people in research, development and industrial quality control in a wide variety of company sectors and with the most diverse requirements. As a full-range supplier with a wide product portfolio, software-controlled measuring technologies for the contact angle and static and dynamic measurement of surface and interfacial tension are just as much part of our range as measuring instruments for investigating foams. At our qualified contract measurement laboratory, we repeatedly set ourselves the challenge of researching and finding new ways and measuring methods for our customers. 

Global market leader thanks to innovation and know-how

The combination of unique products and highly qualified advice has made us the global market leader in the field of surface tension and interfacial tension measurement. But we also know that we cannot rest on our laurels: for this reason, we are always searching for better solutions together with our customers. Our experience of the surfaces and interfaces of liquid and solid substances is what we provide on a personal basis in form of knowledge: in consultations, seminars and technical service.
We can be found wherever theory and practice meet

Our responsibility does not stop with the delivery of our measuring systems. Installation, instruction and training are just as much a matter for us as continuous contact and interaction with our customers - worldwide. We are the partner of many well-known companies such as Airbus, EXXON, Mercedes, Siemens, Apple, Samsung, BASF, Nestlé, L’Oréal and many others.

We're always close to you 

Our company is based in and originates in Hamburg (Germany), where we employ a staff of approximately one hundred. Furthermore, we have a dense distributor network which works flexibly and quickly to ensure that our products and our expertise are always close at hand.



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