Within the CZ-Bav-NanoHub project, we are building an open Czech-German network that associates companies with research institutes and institutions. The network will be managed by the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association and the Cluster Nanotechnology. We would like to thank the Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian State Chancellery) for seed funding.

The aim of the Network CZ-Bav-NanoHub is to establish competencies for the development of filter materials, media, and systems using nanomaterials, specifically for liquid and air filtration. Thereby, one focus will be the fabrication of nanofibers.


Development lines
  • Materials for liquid filtration and separation, e.g. for the purification of water
  • Nanofibrous materials for electroporation
  • Filter media for air conditioning systems
  • Photocatalysis for indoor air and water cleaning
  • Biodegradable masks / filtration systems
  • Design of multifunctional coatings for antimicrobial and material protection applications


Our network partners


Take advantage of the bundled expertise in the Nano4Filter network and get to know the network partners here.



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