Welcome to the Network NanoCarbon

The Network NanoCarbon is an open international network for the development of marketable nanocarbon products.

The competence center was established by the Cluster Nanotechnology in 2013. For the duration of three years, the Network NanoCarbon was partially funded by the BMWi's ZIM programme.  Since 2016 the network is self-financed by the Cluster Nanotechnology and the network partners. The network consists of small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific institutes and large companies that are active in the field of nanocarbons - within Germany and abroad.

On this homepage you will find information on the network and its network partners, as well as basic basic data regarding nanocarbons an their processing. Read more about the potential of nanocarbon materials and their diverse applications.

Here you will also find more information on our services and the advantages of an acitve membership in the Network NanoCarbon!

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NanoCarbon Annual Conference 2022

Thank you for the NanoCarbon Annual Conference 2022

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Nanocarbons for energy storage

Nanocarbons for energy storage

 - in cooperation with Graphene Flagship


How can nanocarbons improve energy storage?

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Events of the Network

NanoCarbon Annual Conference 2023

|   Nano4eMob Termine

March 14-15, 2023 in Würzburg

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Call for contributions

European nanomaterial market expected to grow

|   NanoGeoTherm News


The latest study by the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) predicts growth in the European nanomaterial market over the period of…

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Hycamite joins the NanoCarbon network

|   Cluster News

The target of the Network NanoCarbon is the safe and responsible further development of nanocarbons and their products. Within the network, more than…

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Cluster joint stands at trade fairs 2023

|   NanoGeoTherm News

Are you interested in becoming part of a Cluster joint stand?

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NAWA Technologies successfully closes third financing round and raises €18.3 million in funding

|   NanoCarbon News

NAWA is a partner in the Network NanoCarbon

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