Network nanoInk

nanoInk is a network for special inks and industrial inkjet printing systems. The focus of the network is on the formulation of inks and the further development of inkjet-based process technologies. In the network, companies and research institutes work together throughout the value-adding chain of industrial inkjet printing in order to implement innovative products, processes and applications in a sustainable, environmentally compatible and resource friendly manner.

The controlled and energy-efficient formulation of inks, special inks and functional fluids is one of our core skills. We utilise the technical advantages of nanotechnology to develop special inks with diverse areas of application including products with decorative and special optical, conductive, fluorescing and/or magnetic properties. We also develop alternative forms of inks such as low-migration inks for packaging printing.

Our development activities in the area of inkjet-based process technologies contribute significantly to an improvement in the quality and speed of industrial inkjet printing. The process technologies and analytical instruments developed in the network support you in the manufacturing, storage  and processing of inks. The nanoInk network can also call upon a great variety of different printing heads and printing systems for the development of inks.

With the combination of professional expertise in the nanoInk network we do always consider the overall process of inkjet printing. This means that we take into account the mutual influences of the respective parameters: ink, substrate, machine and environment.

Do you want to know more about the potential applications and advantages of nano-inks or do you already have concrete product ideas for which you are seeking competent partners? We develop tailor-made special inks, inkjet printing systems and process technologies for you. Take advantage of the combined technical knowledge in the network nanoInk and/or become a member of the competence network.We would be delighted to support you with the solution to your inkjet problems and will find answers to your questions.

Core Competencies 

  • Synthesising and functionalising nano materials
  • Process technology: Grinding, mixing, dispersing and homogenising
  • Formulating inks for industrial applications
  • Analysing particles, dispersions and inks
  • Developing customised inkjet printing systems
  • Labels, advertising and packaging printing and marking technologies
  • Characterising printed structures and assessing long-term behaviour


  • Bundling of partner skills
  • Interchanging of all the stakeholders along the value chain
  • Cooperating in development projects
  • Further-developing process technologies on a joint basis
  • Further-developing special inks for industrial inkjet printing systems
  • Joint PR work
  • Organising specialist events
  • Extending the network on a strategic basis

Image-flyer of the network nanoInk