Network nanoInk

nanoInk is an international cooperation network with companies, scientific research institutions and universities on the subject of special inks and industrial printing processes. The focus is on the formulation of inks and the further development of process technologies.

Topics of the Network

Inks, paints and dispersions:

The network formulates customer- and application-specific printing inks, paints, coatings and dispersions for various applications. In addition to decorative inks (e.g. low-migration inks for label printing), this also includes the development of special inks for functional applications such as printed electronics and/or additive manufacturing.

Process technologies:

The network develops and optimizes inkjet related process technologies, e.g. for the production (e.g. mixing, dispersing and grinding processes) and characterization of printing inks, paints, coatings and pastes (e.g. dispersion stability, surface tension, drop formation, ...). In addition, new production processes are being developed in the network.

Advanced Materials:

The network uses the technical advantages of nanomaterials (e.g. color pigments, nanocarbons or silver nanoparticles) to develop new products and processes for versatile applications. Be it decorative, optically active, conductive, fluorescent or magnetic - the network bundles various respective competencies from industry and applied research.

Objectives of the Network

Professional exchange:

The network is a joint, interdisciplinary platform for the further development of innovative products and processes. For this, the network bundles various competencies and promotes the mutual exchange of all stakeholders along the value chain.

Project management:

The network strengthens the partners through targeted professional and technical exchange and supports the initiation, application and implementation of (funded) R&D&I projects. As an international contact point, the network is also available to external partners looking for application-specific answers.

Public relations:

Further focal points of nanoInk are the (re)presentation of the network and its partners at various international trade fairs and events. The targeted expansion of the network through strategically important partners and competencies is also a central part of the network management task.

Core Competencies of nanoInk

Bundling specialists and various competencies along the value chain is our common basis for a holistic view of the printing process. We take into account the reciprocal influences of the parameters ink, process, substrate, machine and environment, and offer you application specific solutions.


nanoInk supports you and gives answers to general and acute problems.

  • Synthesising and functionalising nano materials
  • Grinding, mixing, dispersing and homogenising
  • Formulating inks for industrial applications
  • Inks for printed electronics and additive manufacturing
  • Analysing particles, dispersions and inks
  • Developing customised inkjet printing systems
  • Label, advertising and packaging printing
  • Characterising printed structures

Cooperation in the network

You want to learn more about the application possibilities and advantages of nanoinks or you already have a concrete product idea for which you are looking for competent partners? Take advantage of the bundled expertise in the nanoInk network and / or become a member of the network.