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Our expertise is to connect nanotechnology competences from different sectors, in particular economy, science, politics and education. With a focus on small and medium-sized companies we primarily support networking among SMEs, but also include universities, colleges and research institutes. We support the efficient transfer of R&D&I results into marketable products and promote cooperation activities between the different stakeholders.

Our topics include the design and synthesis of nano and hybrid materials, the development of processing technologies, the establishment of analytics & quality control as well as the successful communication of nano products (including opportunity and risk assessment). The Cluster Nanotechnology is managed by the Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH.

Together, we can achieve more – a strong network emerges through the bundled skills and competences.

You will also find more information on our services and the participants and partners of the Cluster Nanotechnology!

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Your benefit from our expertise!

  • We organise thematical networks. This allows you to interact with other stakeholders and to focus on specific topics.
  • We support your project development processes, starting from the idea up to the complete project management and project organisation.
  • We offer workshops, conferences, seminars, network meetings and other events for an efficient technology transfer .
  • Benefit from our public relations, e.g. by newsletter contributions, company profiles on our web pages or fair appearances.
  • When it comes to nanotechnology we are your key contact point! Through a confidential dialogue, we determine your needs and compile your individual implementation package.

Benefit from our knowledge in this high technology sector and foster the opportunities of nanotechnologies!


nanoInk in Specialist Printing Worldwide (Issue 3 2023)

|   Cluster News

Safe development of low migration, UV-inkjet ink formulations

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New study identifies status of animal-free test methods for use on nanomaterials

|   Cluster News

The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) has published a study that systematically reviews and assesses alternative methods for the…

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Launch of Nanosurf Insights

|   Cluster News

Nanosurf introduces Nanosurf Insights, a new platform for company news, technology updates, intriguing measurement images, case studies, and AFM…

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nanoInk presents: The Life of an Ink (How to characterise an ink in its complete life cycle)

|   Cluster Veranstaltungen

October 17th-18th, 2023, Hamburg

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Joint booth nanoInk at the LOPEC 2024

|   Cluster Veranstaltungen

06.-07. March 2024, Munich

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NanoCarbon Annual Conference 2024

|   Cluster Veranstaltungen

March 19-20, 2024

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