Network partners & competencies

The central goals of the network nanoInk include mutual professional exchange between the network partners and the joint use of existing synergies (individual expertise, cross-industry know-how, technical equipment, ...). Trusting and open communication in the network is the common basis for good cooperation, enabling the individual partners to open up new markets and gain new cross-industry know-how.

The interdisciplinary network nanoInk unites different partner companies and partner institutions along the value chain of industrial printing. Each network partner is established in their respective industries and brings different background knowledge and new perspectives to the network. Contact us, if you are looking for specific competences and the right contact for your ideas/projects/questions/problem.

Raw Materials
  • Specific development of materials, processes, applications and products for and with nanomaterials
  • Functional pigments
  • Nanoparticles (including silver, gold, ITO, copper)
  • Recycling, circular economy & environmental compatibility (waste paper, rejects)
  • Characterization of inks, coatings, printing processes and substrates
  • Surface and interface analytics
  • Characterization of substrates (paper, board, plastics, glas, ...)
  • Materials testing
  • Testing technology platform for advanced ceramics
  • Test methods & simulations (CEPI, test equipment service and third-party monitoring); digitalization
Disperse, Stabilise and Formulate
  • Energy-efficient production of dispersions
  • Process optimisation and improvement of dispersion quality
  • Various dispersing processes (High-pressure / Ultrasonic homogeniser, Dissolver, Rotor-stator disperser, Universal mixer ...)
  • color pigments and functional additives
  • Surfactant formulations and emulsification
  • Foam formation/prevention
  • Wetting, coating and adhesion
Inks, Paints and Dispersions
  • Individual development of functional pastes/inks for different materials and printing processes in combination with insulating layers
  • Low migration UV systems for inkjet inks
  • Inks for screen printing
  • Marking inks
  • Conductive inks
  • Conductive adhesives
Printing systems
  • Different printing systems and print heads available
  • CIJ
  • Laboratory printer (e.g. LP 50)
  • Additive Manufacturing (e.g. plastics, metall)
  • Screen printing
  • ...
  • Various substrates and surface finishing options
  • Fiber-based materials (fibers, fillers and additives)
  • Plastics and their processing
  • Surface modifications / functionalization
  • Surface treatments (e.g. plasma/corona/flame treatment)
  • A wide range of applications form different industries
  • Decorative printing
  • Marking printing
  • Printed electronics
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Document Security
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
  • ...
Network management
  • Initiating, supporting and coordinating projects right up to complete project management.
  • Funding advice and application
  • Customer-specific innovation workshops
  • Public relations
  • ...

Find out more about the expertise of each partner. By clicking on the respective logo you will be forwarded to the partner profiles.

Media partnership

nanoInk has started a collaboration with Specialist Printing Worldwide who will be publishing projects of the network nanoInk as technical articles (see issue 3/2023).

SPW have a global distribution and are the leading global technical reference source for users of screen and digital printing systems for the industrial, graphic and textile sectors. Receive and access their technical articles for free: