edding International GmbH

In 1960, Volker Detlef Ledermann and Carl-Wilhelm Edding launched their first fibre-tip pen, the edding No. 1, on the German market. Since then, "Do you have an edding?" has become synonymous with high-quality permanent markers. From the marketing of mainly Japanese fibre-tip pens, edding has developed step by step into a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of products.

The classics: writing, marking and spraying

Permanent markers from edding are very popular all over the world. Today, our broad portfolio includes permanent and non-permanent markers for almost every surface in the office, in industry and for creative work. We bring functional design, sustainable materials and innovative applications to the pen.

Industrial marking: edding compact printers

Where ink expertise meets technology. We combine edding's ink expertise with advanced technology for industrial marking and coding solutions in our compact printers. In almost any environment and on almost any surface, including plastic, glass and metal, our customers achieve high-resolution marking.

Gets under your skin: edding TATTOO

Power of expression, durability and quality Made in Germany are characteristics that the edding brand has always combined. Our mission is to provide the best possible ink for every application and surface. Of course, we don't stop at the skin and have set ourselves the goal of developing a unique tattoo ink in collaboration with our team of experts.

Our aim is to find the right ink solution for the challenges that remain unsolved and to develop it in collaboration with our partners.


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