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The network nanoInk was established to promote the development of special inks for industrial inkjet printing systems and the further development of inkjet-based process technologies. To do so, the network makes particular use of the technical advantages of the nano components of special inks in order to facilitate special applications in the various areas of use, e.g. decorative, visual, electrically/thermally conductive, fluorescent or magnetic.

Great strengths of the nanoInk network are the interdisciplinarity, the high level of professional competence and the cross-industry expertise of the network partners, including chemists, physicists and engineers, as well as specialists and executives from the industry. The network is a flexible team in which enquiries are channelled, analysed and processed in a solution-oriented manner. Opportunities for cooperation range from arranging contact with a provider right through to the initiation of joint development projects.

Considering the interdisciplinary aspects of the three respective technologies (ink formulation, processing technologies and nanotechnology), the nanoInk network combines different competences and skills. These include

  • long-time experiences in areas relevant to inkjet printing as well as
  • in-depth knowledge of nano materials (synthesis, functionalisation and safe processing),
  • respective engineering and process technologies (grinding, mixing, dispersing and homogenising),
  • the formulation of inks for industrial applications
  • and the development of tailor-made inkjet printing systems.

The value-adding chain is supported through access to modern analysis methods, to quality assurance as well as the characterisation and assessment of the long-term behaviour of printed structures. The nanoInk network can also call upon a great variety of different printing heads and printing systems for the development of inks.

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