Stat Peel AG

Stat Peel’s lab is located in Glarus, Switzerland, and we have employees in the US and partnerships with distributors in Asia, the US and Europe. We founded the company in 2013 to provide the world’s best, easy-to-use workplace nanofiber detection system to ensure safe working environments.

The Identifier was originally designed to recognize airborne carbon nanotubes and graphene, which can be harmful. It can uniquely distinguish the target CNTs from background aerosols and is capable of detecting sub-nanogram amounts of CNTs, significantly below recommended exposure levels set by National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety in the USA.

Stat Peel has continued to research and develop detection methods for other materials, including metal oxides, boron nitride, titanium dioxide, nanocellulose, respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and carbon black. Our research in detecting the most advanced materials is helping to set standards for nanotechnology safety.
The Identifier system is made up of a set of wearable badges, filtration slide and an integrated bench-top sized optical reader.

Employees wear the badges to monitor personal exposure, or place them within the facility to monitor release in specific locations. Each badge is about the size and weight of a phone, so it is easy to wear throughout the workday.

Slides with specially developed membranes are used to gather particles from the air filtered through the badges. Each slide has a barcode so it can be traced to a certain user, and the slides can be archived to provide a record of compliance to safety.

The slides are inserted into the reader at the end of a shift and automatically analyzed overnight. Since all monitoring and analysis is done on-site, results are fast and confidential.

In addition to the Identifier, Stat Peel is now offering a sampling service. We provide a kit with six badges and a set of filtration slides that can be used at your location and returned to our lab for quick analysis.

Stat Peel AG


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