NAWATechnologies brings nano-engineering to the next phase by rendering useful the structure of nano-objects.

Over and beyond simply being small on a nanoscale, the full potential of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes [VACNT] stems from their highly anisotropic topology.

As of today NAWATechnology provides for 2 technologies, functionalized VACNT based ultra-dense supercapacitors [Ucap] and high performance thermal interfaces [TIM].

The company mass-produces VACNT using an APCVD roll-to-roll process which allows to dramatically reduce cost.

Large carpet like rolls of VACNT (200-700m long, currently 30cm large) are then the base material for the company’s product range.

The first application, the Ucaps, uses the highly directional alignment of VACNTs to transport the electric charges at a hundred fold higher current density than standard supercapacitors.

The energy density of the Ucaps is based on the structure’s form factor achieved through high VANCT density (10e11/cm2) at small individual diameters (10nm).

The energy density of the Ucaps is increased further through a propriarity roll-to-roll, electrochemical coating yielding a 3-fold capacitance over standard supercapacitors.

A second application where the VACNTs’ topology and anisotropy yield a massive performance increase is used for the TIM product.

It uses the best-of-class thermal conductivity of CNT’s along the z-axis, i.e. longitudinally along the vertical alignment which allows for heat transport similar to a rain gutter towards the outbound direction.

Albeit the company’s pilot line focuses on using the VACNT carpets for its production of Ucap and TIM, other activities, to turn the structure of nano-carbon materials into commercial products are on the way.

Amongst these are graphene based topologies, longitudinal structures like yarns and cables as well as nano structures on flexible substrates as well as composite electrodes.

NAWATechnologies has received many prizes and recognition of which the internationally best known are the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2016 trophy and  the prize for the Best Innovation 2015 from the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations. As part of its collaborative R&D activities with third parties, the company is also member of the EU project Graphene Flagship.

Still, the company is open for other, joint Pan-European projects.

NAWATechnologies is a spin-off from CEA, the French equivalent to the Department of Energy in the US.

Fostered by 20 years of nano-engineering within the CEA, NAWATechnologies today runs its own production pilot line.

Founded in April 2013, the company is located in Rousset/South of France and has a staff of 25.


C/O STMicroelectronics Rousset
190, Avenue Célestin Coq
Zone Industrielle
F-13106 Rousset Cedex