We appreciate your interest in a membership in the Network NanoCarbon. What are your benefits as network partner, what kind of services can you expect?


  • Organisation of regular meetings: a minimum of two network meetings per year (including preparation and follow-up). Network meetings can be held on-site with network partners in order to use the opportunity to present their company or institute.
  • Organisation and further development of the NanoCarbon Annual Conference (since 2015 every February / March in Würzburg).
  • Expansion of the network through the acquisition of national and international partners.
  • Sharing of external inquiries, for example following trade fairs, or searches for manufacturers, by email etc. with the relevant network partners
  • Targeted passing on of information, for example event invitations or funding opportunities for partners
  • Partners can use the network as a platform for presenting their current results and for discussing new project ideas, for example within the scope of network meetings or phone conferences.
  • Targeted search for national and international research and development partners
  • Funding consulting and making contacts, for example for project managers: personal – professional – confidential
  • Working group application safety of nanocarbons: passing on of information and if required organisation of personal meetings (including preparation and follow-up)
  • The network offers access to the project results from Inno.CNT, amongst others by taking over the website.
  • The website is used as access point for new contacts, introduction of the network and its partners, it gives information about current news and events and offers access to the NanoCarbon Annual Conferences.
  • Network partners have the opportunity to use this platform for the representation of their own projects and success stories.
  • Representation of the network and its partners at trade fairs, for example nanotech in Tokyo and Hannover trade fair.
  • Representation of the network and their partners at the network's own events and external events
  • Offer to partners: distribution of flyers / brochures or presentation of exhibits of partner companies and institutes at trade fairs / events.
  • For network members we have presentation kit available, consisting of roll-up banners, imageflyers and Powerpoint slides to introduce the NanoCarbon network at meetings, conferences or trade fairs.

Interested? Get in touch with us: Contact.

In addition to this, network members have the opportunity to commission further services from Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH at favourable terms (for example Coordination of research and development projects or workshops with different topics). Get more information about the Cluster Nanotechnology’s services here.