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Defined material properties through processing. The dispersion determines the function of the final product.

Dispersions, a system of liquid and solid phase, are the key to realising specific properties in the final product.

Though they tend to agglomerate, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene and carbon black only exhibit their properties when separated, and the degree of separation in the liquid phase also has a decisive influence on their function. Greater separation of CNTs, for example, promotes mechanical characteristics, whereas lesser separation promotes electrical conductivity or resistance.

The industrial utilisation of the qualities of nanocarbon particles is therefore dependent on having a defined, homogeneous particle distribution, on retention the primary particles' structure and function, and on defined rheological properties of a suspension. Therefore an equally definable and controllable machining process plays a key role.

EXAKT's precision three-roll mills record relevant parameters of the machining process, which therefore becomes verifiable and reproducible. The process design has specific advantages with regard to targeted and homogeneous energy input and therefore the controllable exposure of particles.

Thanks to continuous collaboration in application projects, as well as long-standing activity in the Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes (Inno.CNT), EXAKT combines process and application expertise to achieve optimum product results and the further commercialisation of nanocarbon materials.

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