FILK - Freiberg Institute gGmbH

As an independent, research institution and working as a non-profit organisation, FILK is distinguished by its particularly close relation to the industry and application focus. The versatile research work at the institute feeds a comprehensive knowledge base, which is continuously broadening and developing. It forms the basis for solutions and developments for applications in diverse industries. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises are thus supported effectively in solving their daily challenges and in strengthening their innovation capacities.

From the historically grown material combination, a unique materials expertise for flexible synthetic and natural polymer materials in different applications and branches of industry has been developed. These include materials such as leather, collagen products, coated textiles, flexible laminar compound materials, and material composites. In the field of polymer materials, all processing steps starting from the development of polymer formulations, layer formation, drying and cross-linking through surface activation and finishing up to lamination in both the laboratory and the technical scale can be performed.

Developing functional polymeric layers like foils, membranes or coatings, FILK has extensive know-how in processing nanoparticles showing a high aspect ratio e.g. carbon nanotubes or graphene with polymeric formulations and preparing thin films (>25 µm) thereof. The nanoparticle containing polymer masses are preferably processed by blade coating method. For this purpose in addition to laboratory application units, two continuously operating coating units consisting of roll width up to 90 cm are available.

The electrical conductivity of such layers can be adjusted individually. The properties range from antistatic effects to electrical heatability. Membranes and films made from such nanocomposites can be further combined with surface materials (e.g. textiles) and processed into composite materials. To characterize the nanoparticle containing polymer layers, state-of-the-art methods such as SEM, AFM, thermography and resistance measurement systems are available.

FILK - Freiberg Institute gGmbH

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