Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF)

The IPF is one of the largest polymer-research institutions in Germany. As an institute of the Leibniz Association, it is committed to undertaking fundamental application-specific research and receives its basic funding from the federal government and regional administrations in equal parts.

The institute conducts comprehensive polymeric materials research, from the synthesis and modification of polymeric materials to characterisation, theoretical investigation, processing and testing. The IPF's work is characterised by close collaboration between scientists and engineers, who have access to extensive equipment, even including pilot plants to allow material and technology development under realistic industry conditions. Work focuses on materials-related questions from real applications, which can be solved using targeted control of the interface properties and/or interface and surface interactions. The aim is to acquire a profound scientific understanding of the necessary technologies and processes, as well as of the underlying physical aspects, in order to develop technical implementation and application concepts, on this basis, that are sustainable in the long term. In this regard, nanotechnology aspects play an important role.

Utilising the potential of nanoscale carbon-based fillers (carbon nanotubes, graphene) is the subject of numerous research projects. After work initially centred on the development of conductive and, at the same time, unbreakable and tough plastics, carbon nanoparticles today offer an essential approach in the development of multifunctional materials. Specific projects deal with, among other topics, new solutions for energy- and resource-efficient lightweight construction, optimised car tyres, and the integration of sensor functions into textiles, films and composite components.  

The profile of research work at the IPF is characterised by four strategic topics, which are worked on across the institute:

  • Functional nanostructured interfaces and polymer systems
  • Biology-inspired interface and material design
  • Polymeric networks: structure, theory and application
  • Process-guided structure formation of polymeric materials
Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF)

Hohe Straße 6
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