NanoTrade s.r.o.

NanoTrade s.r.o. is a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) that has been executing commercial projects involving its own and collaborative applied research since 2004. We closely collaborate with research institutes and universities to develop new materials, technologies, processes, and end products in various application areas. Our primary goals are practical applications and end products.

We have a qualified team with experience in development, production, marketing, and trade gained from numerous projects. Our production, business, and R&D activities are divided into the following:

  • Development and application of materials with preventative protection properties, creating a reliable barrier against indoor/outdoor pollution, reducing the concentration of hazardous microorganisms, suppressing disease transmission risks, and eliminating unwanted odors.
  • Development, design, and production of multifunctional fabrics that act as a "second skin" providing protection against microorganisms and odors. We manufacture functional underwear for sports, leisure, workwear, or for individuals with skin issues or excessive sweating under our brand nanosilver®.
  • Development and application of nanomaterials to reduce evaporation and heat energy loss from liquid surfaces, minimize surface adhesion, and alter material structure properties.
  • By combining the knowledge and applications mentioned above, we utilize effective technology for future applications or in current processes. Our portfolio encompasses solutions from extremely small particles in structures to large and complex constructions using specialized functional materials.

NanoTrade is a member of several professional organizations and associations such as ANP CR (Czech Association of Nanotechnology Industry), CSAF (Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis), and AVDZP (Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices).

Since March of last year, we have initiated a series of specialized R&D projects focused on protection against microbes and viruses.

Within the network, NanoTrade serves as a manufacturer and processor of nanomaterials for use in multifunctional fabrics and surfaces.

NanoTrade s.r.o.


Dolni novosadska 41/26
779 00 Olomouc 9-Nove Sady
Czech Republic