Within the CZ-Bav-NanoHub project, we are going to build an open Czech-German network that associates companies with research institutes and institutions. The network will be managed by the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association and the Cluster Nanotechnology.

Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

The Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association was founded on November 27, 2014 with Juri Kus as its president. It brings together Czech nanotechnology companies from various sectors, ranging from the textile industry to biotechnology, environmental applications, optics, and energetics. Some of them utilize nanotechnology in production or applications, while others develop and produce finished nanomaterials or products.

The association's goal is to represent the interests of Czech nanotechnology companies and research both on a national and global scale. The association builds on the excellent reputation that the Czech Republic has in this field worldwide and aims to promote a positive awareness of nanotechnologies in society. It also focuses on actively supporting all opportunities for collaboration between industry and research. The association has 38 members. Since 2018, the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association has been a member of the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA).


While nature has been using nanotechnology since the beginning of creation, humanity has only recently begun to discover and harness its many powers in revolutionary ways to solve problems and increase efficiency. The science of nanotechnologies now offers us the possibility to replace human organs and tissues, deliver life-saving drugs precisely to specific locations in the body, or remove toxic pollutants from air and water. Nanotechnology is at the forefront when it comes to creating cost-effective and increased storage for renewable energies and reducing harmful emissions. The potential for new manufacturing methods is virtually limitless. The "Czech Is Nano" project spreads the advanced work of Czech scientists and researchers and showcases it with a wide range of inventions and everyday applications of nanotechnology.

The Czech Nanodays are organized throughout the country to present and promote the most interesting products and inventions of Czech nanotech companies.

Within the network, the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association coordinates collaboration on the Czech side and maintains close communication with the German network institution.

Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

Lannova 2061/8, Nove Mesto
110 00 Prague 1


Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH   

Cluster Nanotechnology is supported within the scope of the Bavarian cluster initiative by the State Government of Bavaria and managed by Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH. The main task is the continuous development of a nanotechnology competence network to support the efficient conversion of R&D results into products.

In this connection, the close interaction between the industry, science and teaching is extremely important. The focus of activities is on networking SMEs with universities, institutions of higher learning and public research institutions and encouraging cooperation with the objective of realising concrete projects, such as the network projects NanoCarbon, NanoSilber, nanoInk, NanoAnalytik, NanoGeoTherm and Nano4eMob alongside the network Nano4Filter.

  • Encouraging cooperation between R&D institutions and users in industry.
  • Initiating, supporting and coordinating projects right up to complete project management.
  • Carrying out customer-specific innovation workshops
  • Initiating and managing nanotechnology networks
  • Supporting project applications
  • Supporting application-oriented research
Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH

Josef-Martin-Weg 52
97074 Würzburg