HydroTec Gesellschaft für Ökologische Verfahrenstechnik mbH

HydroTec Gesellschaft für Ökologische Verfahrenstechnik mbH was founded in 1985 in Upper Franconia and has since been successfully operating in key global markets with continuous growth. The company specializes in the development, production, and sale of solutions and products for the treatment of drinking and utility water. Thanks to numerous unique features and excellent quality, these products consistently meet the highest standards of renowned users worldwide. The company is a leader in its industry and one of the few comprehensive providers in the field of drinking and utility water technology. Notably, the company excels in its ability to offer individual, tailor-made, and energy-efficient problem-solving solutions.

Furthermore, the company is a partner for numerous areas, such as:

  • Filtration / Ultrafiltration
  • Iron and Manganese Removal
  • Cooling and HVAC Water Treatment
  • Well and Spring Water Treatment
  • Softening / Nitrate Removal
  • Reverse Osmosis / Desalination
  • Chemical-Free Water Treatment
  • Dosing Technology
  • Disinfection Technology
  • Heating Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment for Steam Systems
  • Legionella Control
  • Water Damage Protection Systems
  • pH Adjustment / Deacidification
  • Water and Solid Analysis
  • Consulting / Project Planning / Comprehensive Service
HydroTec GmbH


Roland-Dorschner-Straße 5
95100 Selb