Silvertex Aqua

Silvertex Aqua GmbH, a medium-sized company based in Berlin-Hoppegarten, is an international specialist and patent holder of a 3D spacer fabric, which is used as an innovative solution to protect water from microbiological contamination by releasing silver ions.

Founded by Mrs. Birgit Dürsch, the company has been a competent and reliable partner for high quality and individually tailored solutions for water protection since 2015, helping both industry and the private sector to reduce the use of chemical-based disinfectants.

The product range includes different sizes of the textile and supports the conservation of water from 1l to 500,000 liters in a variety of applications. Therefore, Silvertex Aqua GmbH employs its own product development team, creating and establishing solutions for different needs and implementing customer-specific ideas while maintaining quality standards.

Contaminated water is a source of danger to human and animal health. Silvertex Aqua GmbH's innovative solutions are used to stop the proliferation of waterborne germs such as E. Coli, Pseudomonas, Enterococci and Legionella in stagnant or stored water.

Silvertex Aqua has many years of experience in developing innovative textile solutions, ranging from the simply insertion of the textile into the container/water up to complex customer-specific solutions, including the installation at the customer.


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Silvertex Aqua

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