Nano Coating Surface

GBneuhaus GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise and internationally active specialist in innovative solutions for functional and decorative coating of small components based on latest Nanotechnology.

For more than 20 years the company is a competent and reliable partner for high quality and individually custom-tailored coating systems  for customers in the Automotive Lighting, Home Lighting und Medical Technology. (corporate mission)

The range of services covers the full scope of coating requirements that the industrial sectors demands on surfaces and their significant characteristics in the different fields of application. Therefore, the GBneuhaus GmbH employs a proprietary R&D department which continuously advances the processes and implements customized ideas according to the quality standards. The automated process flow ensures correspondingly high process flexibility. The innovative solutions of GBneuhaus GmbH allow a significant improvement of numerous defined criteria like brilliant color coatings, color selections, scratch resistance, electrical conductivity, UV resistance, infrared transmittance, temperature resistance and water-repellent or hydrophobic properties (anti-adhesive effect – “easy-to-clean”).

GBneuhaus GmbH has a longtime experience in the development of sol-gel coating solutions that can be applied by dip-coating method and spray-coating method. The company ensures a high degree of production flexibility from test series up to large-scale production relating to the high quality standards certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008.


GB neuhaus

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