Services of the Cluster Nanotechnology

Benefit from our knowledge in this high technology sector and foster the opportunities of nanotechnologies! There are many ways of cooperation in our network. Get to know some of our services here or contact us directly.


Point of contact for nanotechnology

Through a confidential dialogue we determine your needs and compile your individual implementation package.


Initiation and promotion of cooperation and networks

We promote the professional exchange among the stakeholders by establishing and organising competence networks.

Management of nano-specific (industrial) projects

We support your project development processes, starting from the idea up to the complete project management and the project organisation.

Organisation of nanotechnology events

Our conferences, seminars, network meetings and other events offer you a perfect platform for an efficient technology transfer.

Customer specific workshops

Take advantage of our interdisciplinary team and choose from a wide range of workshops (innovation, troubleshooting, …).