PTS Insight: INVITE - IoT 4.0 research at the PTS

|   NanoInk Termine

Online Event, 25.02.2021

Digitalisation is the most important enabler for industrial production to reach the targets of efficiency and flexibility. The associated changes are named as Industry 4.0, that refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through this change physical processes of the production can be monitored with cyber-physical systems to make real time decentralized decisions in a smart factory. The change doesn’t stop and is pressuring the paper process chain to alter their existing processes and digitalize their production lines.

This Online Event is intended to give an insight into the opportunities for companies to develop solutions that meet the needs of this new environment. Furthermore, the PTS will introduce the results of the research project INVITE4.0. It will be discussed which approaches of Industry 4.0 fits best to the paper industry and which promising applications are already available in the market.

PTS Experts and Moderation:

  •     Lydia Tempel, Head of Department Smart Services & Products (Moderation)
  •     Björn Zimmermann, Project Manager Smart Services & Products

Fee: 0 € / free of charge