nanoInk presents: The Life of an Ink (How to characterise an ink in its complete life cycle)

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17./18. Oktober 2023, Hamburg

nanoInk presents: Inks are highly complex in their chemical structures and have to fulfil a full range of physical properties to guarantee high performance. Moreover, different challenges are waiting along its lifecycle making it difficult to maintain these high standards. This becomes even more complex, when heading towards more sustainable, water-based formulations. Parameters like dispersibility, wettability, initial particle size, zeta potential, and sedimentation rate are essential characteristics when it comes to ink performance. Furthermore, during the application process one must consider surface tension properties of the formulation, wettability of the substrate and finally drying kinetics of the ink itself.

This seminar does not only provide users a comprehensible guide and better understanding about the complex interdependent parameters, it also shows a practical introduction to the collaborative measurement techniques from KRÜSS and FORMULACTION. In combination, a full and almost complete characterisation journey of the product life cycle of a commercial ink formulation becomes possible.


October 17, from 12:30 to 17:30 (plus an optional event in the evening) 
October 18, from 8:50 to 13:10


KRÜSS Headquarters
Borsteler Chaussee 85
22453 Hamburg (Germany)

Course objectives:

  • Fundamentals of wettability of pigments  
  • From dispersibility to stability of ink suspensions  
  • Particle sizing of concentrated inks  
  • Surface tension and contact angles  
  • Drying kinetics of inks on various substrates  
  • Hands-on lab session

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Language: English
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Organiser: Krüss GmbH, Borsteler Chaussee 85, 22453 Hamburg, Germany
in cooperation with Formulaction GmbH, Pfarrer-Steinacker-Str. 31, 86551 Aichach, Germany