In-line Monitoring and Optimization Potential of a Three Roll Mill Dispersion Process

Valea Kim Wisniewski1*, Ulf Köpke2, Hauke Voormann, Bodo Fiedler1
1 Institute of Polymers and Composites, Hamburg, Germany
* corresponding author:
2 EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Incorporation of carbon nanoparticles is still the bottleneck of every industrial scale masterbatch production. In the current BMBF project “Scale Nano2Industry” the TUHH, BÜFA Composite Systems and EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH are working hand in hand on a large-scale production of a masterbatch based on OCSiAl SWCNT Tuball 75.
SWCNT exhibit outstanding electrical and mechanical properties and are thus the first choice for ESD applications, enabling high-performance coating solutions.

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