Synergistic behaviour between CNTs and CF in polymer matrices

Kristin Trommer, Maren Lehmann
Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen gGmbH (FILK)

The synergistic effect between carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon fibres (CF) in a polyurethane matrix was investigated. Two variations are possible. On the one hand, the CNTs form the network and carbon fibres act as synergist and vice versa the carbon fibres build up a network and the CNTs play the role of the synergist. An appropriate procedure for the mass preparation is an unidirectional low shearing process, like calendering in a three roll mill. In both cases, the tests regarding electrical conductance (conductivity, percolation) and heating behaviour (heat output, temperature rise) were carried out using thin layers of the polymer matrix. Layers prepared with CNT network and CF synergist can be preferably used at a voltage in the range between 12-24 V. Materials with CF network and CNT synergist are most suitable in low voltage applications between 1-6 V.