CNT-containing silicones in calendaring applications for highly conductive functional layers

Sergei Wittchen, Minoj Gnanaseelan, Kristin Trommer
Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen gGmbH (FILK)

The processing of low-viscosity silicone masses with the aid of calendering offers low-shear incorporation of CNTs into the polymer mass for the production of electroconductive functional silicone sheets. Due to the lower shear stress and extension flows during calendering, the carbon nanofibers are not mechanically damaged and a peroclation network can be formed. In this project, the formulations and process conditions were developed and foils of approx. 400 ?m thickness were continuously produced. The process can easily be implemented on an industrial scale, without further optimization steps. A continuous process enables the production of defect-free electroconductive foils with good mechanical properties. The mechanical and electrical tests carried out confirm the predicted properties of these functional films.