Nanocyl SA

Nanocyl S.A. is a medium-sized privately owned company, world leader in the commercialization and production of industrial multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and conductive masterbatches.

Nanocyl industrial NC7000™ multiwall carbon nanotube (460 metric ton  annually) provides solid benefits at very low loadings to the Electronic Packaging, Automotive, Energy and Industrial sectors. These are electro-static discharge (ESD), electrical conductivity, improved recyclability, thermal resistance and best cost in use. In addition, those performances generate higher retained mechanical properties of the base polymers. In comparison to metals, using conductive plastics containing NC7000TM reduces the weight of the component and allows more flexibility in design.

Based on the company’s unique and proprietary production process, know-how and process control, Nanocyl is able to offer carbon nanotubes with the best electrical properties on the market, leading to significantly lower loading required for the same electrical conductivity (see Figure 1). Conductive plastics containing NC7000TM are therefore the ultimate solution to reach high conductivity at low loading.

Alongside NC7000TM  MWCNT powder, Nanocyl produces outstanding ready to use products under the range PlasticylTM Conductive Masterbatches. This covers from commodity polymers such as PP or HDPE to high performance polymers such as PEEK along with engineering plastics such as PC and PA. PlasticylTM products are easily diluted by compounders, injection molders or end-users and do not require additional processes to be integrated.

PlasticylTM and NC7000TM are used by the following industries:

  • in the automotive industry for fuel systems and electrostatic painting of polymeric parts where retention of mechanical properties, reduces permeation, thermal resistance (high HDT,...) and no loss of electrical conductivity under chemicals aggression are critical;
  • in electronic packaging where cleanliness (conductive particles´release to the surface) and multi-recycling are the major additional properties. These are combined with the superior material electrical conductivity to ensure perfect ESD/Conductive performance;
  • Those materials are also used for the developments of flow batteries and fuel cell type energy storage devices.

Among other examples, CNT based plastics are also used in the energy storage industry where the application requires a higher conductivity than achievable through Carbon Black or in conductive TPU moving components where superior abrasion resistance is required (up to 300% improvement vs. Carbon Black).

Different liquid dispersions are also available: Such as Epocyl™, our epoxy based dispersions for structural composites in recreational and transportation industries; Orgacyl™, Nanocyl NMP based for the Energy Storage industry (LiB application) and the Aquacyl™, water based range for heat production technologies and conductive coatings (Joule effect).

Nanocyl SA


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