Materia Nova

Materia Nova creates innovative and collaborative projects that are sustainable and able to respond to societal and environmental needs, changes and challenges. 

The international coordinator Materia Nova works in close cooperation with the network management and supports in particular by coordinating the Belgian part of the network. This includes the involment of relevant stakeholders from Belgium and the assistance in acquiring funding (e.g. for international ZIM -Cooperation projects). Materia Nova is an excellent partner to take on this role in the network not only because of its geographical and linguistic proximity to the international network partners but also in particular because of its many years of experience in international cooperation with SMEs and the coordination and management of more than 200 large regional and European projects. 

Through its 20 years of experience, Materia Nova has developed strong relationships with associations, clusters, partner research centers, universities, and industries across Europe. Materia Nova further provides support with market-relevant, technical, and methodological know-how in the fields of nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, process technology, and sensor/measurement technology. With more than 20 years of experience in the chemical synthesis of polymers and additives as well as with an extensive laboratory infrastructure (with capacities for technical research on pilot plants), Materia Nova can also support specific project plans (e.g. in synthesis/manufacturing and characterization of polymers or nanocomposites and films by extrusion, blow molding and calendaring, or the development of bioplastics or barrier coatings with nanomaterials).

Materia Nova offers you a complete range of services to support you in the development and industrialization of new technological solutions:

  • Customized product development: Materia Nova develops tailor-made products that can respond to societal and environmental needs, changes and challenges.
  • Engineering and industrialization: To ensure technology transfer to the new materials market, Materia Nova has extended its services to the design and optimization of implementation processes and production equipment.
  • Project management: Materia Nova offers tailor-made support to ensure the feasibility and success of industrial projects.
  • Analysis and characterization: More than just material analysis, we offer tailor-made solutions.
  • Life cycle thinking: Materia Nova helps you to improve your environmental footprint and to communicate on this approach and its results by avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing, analyzing your products and solutions from a life cycle, eco-design and circular economy perspective.

Our technologies:

  • Processes
  • Materials
  • Intelligent Devices

Our fields of activity

  • Mechanics and Metallurgy
  • Transport
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Medical (health and biomed)
  • Food and Packaging
Materia Nova


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