Leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems

Our sustainable products for the areas of supply, disposal, industry and environmental technology stand for usage periods of more than 100 years. With them, we promote the use of trenchless installation technologies and rehabilitation methods. Our pipes safely transport your drinking water, supply you with gas, protect the optical fibres for digitalisation. We accompany the energy turnaround - whether it?s electricity transmission lines, hydrogen transport or new types of anergy grids.

As a leading manufacturer of geothermal systems, Gerodur stands for quality, reliability, and the highest standard for a full product range. This fits perfectly with the goals of the network. Its core competence is the extrusion of various plastics. A product line for geothermal energy was specially developed (GEROtherm®) to be able to serve customers optimally. In the network, Gerodur is the specialist for probe systems in geothermal energy and thus contributes developing nanoscale systems through its experience.

Geothermal systems: Our GEROtherm® products are ideal for exploiting this sustainable source of energy. As a leading manufacturer of geothermal systems, we offer a comprehensive range of products that deliver quality and reliability.

Heating & plumbing: Our production of pipes for heating, cooling and plumbing is based on our long-standing innovation strength and know-how. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, coordinated processes and logistics services stand for quality, reliability and commitment. Our varied product range is rounded off by a wide range of services.

Plastic profiles: We process all plastics in our energy-efficient production, from polyolefins to technical polymers with and without glass fibres or flame retardants through to high-performance polymers. Our production of customised solutions is based on many years of innovation and expertise. Your requirements for customised products are implemented using our polymer and extrusion expertise coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Fine-tuned processes and logistics services ensure quality, reliability and commitment.

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