The rent a scientist and the ras materials GmbH have merged to form the new RAS AG. The task of the new corporation is development, manufacture and marketing of NEW MATERIALS and TECHNOLOGIES. The Research and Development Services provided by their core TRADEMARK rent a scientist® is placed at your disposal as usual. RAS comprises of 20 permanently employed and about 30 freelance scientists today (mainly professors and employees of surrounding universities).

RAS AG supports customers and partners not only with development services but also with innovative cross-section materials in future. Nanomaterials create entirely new or considerably improved functions in all kinds of products with minimum raw materials use. In times of increasing raw materials prices and the quantity at which they are used putting a strain on the environment, materials that are based on saving resources permit the production of highly functional, sustainable and long-lived products.

Silver nanoparticles in watery dispersion (for antimicrobial equipment of textiles, surfaces, medical products, etc.) are offered as well as silver nano-wires for electrically conductive applications. Both products have been selected as the only available standard reference material for nano silver by the OECD. In May 2013, the AgPURE W10 suspension was certified as the standard for particle size determination in nano silver materials by the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung.

RAS AG therefore provides present know-how for the research, production and development of applications for nano silver in the scope of the NanoSilver project.

WEB: www.ras-ag.com

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