Network day NanoSilber 2020

Online, 18.06.2020

Representatives from politics, industry and applied research discussed about the importance of antimicrobial surfaces in preventing the transmission of germs in respect to the current corona pandemic.

Within a very short time, the corona virus had spread all over the world and has influenced our lives and our business world ever since. In order to prepare for a second wave and future pandemics, an understanding of the various pathways for transmitting germs is crucial. It turned out that surfaces have a significant share in this. On this occasion, the network NanoSilber organized a special network day and invited experts from the fields of biology, virology and toxicology, and other relevant branches to discuss the use of nanosilver in preventing a further spread of the virus.

In addition to basic information on general regulations and special test standards (e.g. effectiveness studies), the network day also presented best practice examples. The format of the network day was enthusiastically received, so a follow-up event is planned for winter 2021.