Network Day NanoSilver 2018 at the medical center of Regensburg

Regensburg, 27.06.2018

Once again representatives of industry and applied research met to learn about products and recent research that will help improve the sanitary situation in hospitals, medical facilities, and the food sector. Organized by the Nanotechnology Cluster and the Network NanoSilver, the Symposium is a unique communication and exchange platform for nano-silver applications, regulations and products. It was held in cooperation with the University Hospital in Regensburg (UKR) this year.

Introductional lectures discussed the current hygiene situation in hospitals and the requirements for antimicrobial surfaces as well as current research results on transmission routes and infection chains in hospitals. The following lectures then presented various approaches as well as concrete applications and products, such as nanosilver-containing sol-gel coatings, antimicrobial finishing of functional textiles, test methods for antimicrobial effectiveness and non-contact quality assurance methods.

Consumer and environmental protection were also important topics of the network day. The Federal Environmental Agency was also involved in the discussions and presented current information on the influence of nanosilver on the environment.

Focus of Network Day NanoSilver 2018 was the exchange of information and open discussions. The discussions following the lectures demonstrated once again the necessity of an un-biased platform for open and objective discussions.

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