Network day NanoSilver

The Network Day is an interdisciplinary platform for open discussions as well as for the exchange of knowledge and experience on the subject of nano silver and antimicrobial surfaces.

The event is aimed at representatives from industry and applied research as well as service providers from the health and transport sectors. It offers companies and institutes the opportunity to obtain detailed information on current findings about nano silver and its applications in industry. The network partners and the cluster nanotechnology welcome you to the annual network day NanoSilver. Get an insight into our work, find out about current and new applications and make new contacts around the topic of nano silver!

Focus of the Network day: Hygiene in times of pandemics and in everyday life

As a result of the ongoing Corona crisis, a generally higher hygiene awareness and an increased demand for innovative and effective protective measures can be observed. This includes in particular antimicrobial surfaces and textiles, which may prevent the colonization of germs effectively and in the long term.

Where are such antimicrobial surfaces already successfully implemented and how is their effectiveness proven? The network day provides answers to these and other questions and presents existing solutions as well as the latest findings from research and development. The network day objectively looks at the opportunities as well as the challenges and risks of this technology.


Network Day NanoSilver 2022:
September 28th 2021

Schlosssteige 1
D-74357 Bönnigheim

Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH