Wolfgang Hillen Summer School* 2024

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July and September 2024

High-Tech for Students from Bavaria and California

The Bavaria California Technology Center, BaCaTeC (www.bacatec.org) promotes the cooperation between Bavarian and Californian university and research facilities in the high-tech areas of life sciences, information and communication technologies, new materials, environmental technology and mechanical engineering. BaCaTeC is funding a Summer School 2024 in one of those areas.

Date:                  5 to 10 working days between July and September 2024
Participants:    ca. 20-30 Students and Students in PhD-programs from Bavaria and California
Deadline:           October 15th, 2023

Application forms for the Wolfgang Hillen Summer School 2024 are available at www.bacatec.org. Suggestions may also be turned in informally. BaCaTeC covers travel and accommodation expenses of the speakers as well as stipends for students. Participating universities are expected to share in expenses. Summer School participants should come from Bavaria and from California. The idea of cooperation be-tween Bavaria and California is to be pointed out in the application. Applications including topic, estimated expenses and schedule outline will be accepted by BaCaTeC until October 15th 2023 by e-mail, letter or fax. Criteria for the selection (by the end of November) are as follows:

  • Attractiveness of the topic
  • Internationality of the participants

*In Memory of the founder and longtime spokesperson of BaCaTeC Wolfgang Hillen, who died in 2010