we invent, you succeed

prometho GmbH develops, formulates and produces water-based digital printing inks (PolymerInk®), nanoscale pigment dispersions (Varionyl®) and special solutions for non-impact printing processes.

Through innovative development, manufacture and sales, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions for almost all "non-impact printing" applications and many surface problems.

With our holistic development concept "from pigment to ink" we start our product development at the raw material level. This means that we keep all "set screws" in our hands and can adapt the product perfectly to the desired application. Because of that we avoid bad surprises during the development process and with the final product.

We disperse and stabilize our pigment preparations ourselves and offer various dispersions, which are particularly suitable for different digital printing applications, under the Varionyl® brand. For some applications very special treatments of certain raw materials are necessary. Here, for example, we can achieve amazing results with coating, microencapsulation or complexing.

For the multi-colour printing of product packaging, textiles, labels and other substrates, we have developed PolymerInk®, a water-based and completely mineral oil-free digital printing ink family, which does not need any UV curing. These inks can be customized by us and can be adapted for different printing applications.

Product safety and sustainability are an integral part of our development concept. Due to this they have the same importance as the functionality of the product to be developed. And to make sure that the raw materials do not run out, we ensure the availability of ingredients at least twice against cancellation or manufacture some of the pre-products ourselves.

All inks are developed, tested and formulated in-house. Under the motto "we unburden your development", we provide the know-how to our customers with numerous services. Thus, basic formulations and "ink prototypes" can be created or substance substitutions can be made. In addition to error analyses, target group-oriented employee training is also carried out.

New challenges motivate us, because an ink can do much more than just decorate surfaces. It can be a carrier of information, an indicator or a reaction medium and can be printed extremely flexibly as an "INKtelligent solution".

Last but not least, ink is the "software" of your printing machine or printing device.



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