Papiertechnischen Stiftung (PTS)

PTS was founded in 1951 as a research and service institute based in Heidenau near Dresden. PTS supports companies from all sectors (e.g. paper, energy, automotive, food) in the development and application of modern fiber-based solutions.

50 years of industrial experience and an interdisciplinary team of experts, including chemists, process engineers, paper engineers and mechanical engineers, make PTS a competent research and development partner in paper manufacturing and processing as well as for innovative solutions based on the paper technology platform. Current and innovative know-how from research and development projects combined with the necessary infrastructure, with accredited laboratories, modern equipment and a pilot plant.

Core competences:

  • Fibers & Composites: Development of special papers and composites as well as semi-finished products and bio-composites.
  • Functional surfaces: Development of coated barriers, packaging with new functions and non-contact manufacturing processes, as well as the functionalization of web materials, optimization of printability and surface evaluation.
  • Innovative measurement technology: Sensor and measurement technology solutions for effective and efficient management of processes and for ensuring product quality, especially in waste paper management.
  • Material testing & analytics: for paper, (corrugated) cardboard, fleece, composite materials, packaging, paper processing and printing products, dispersions, emulsions, pigments, (waste) water and residues.

PTS has well-equipped analytical laboratories and a modern pilot plant for the development of innovative papers, coatings and wet-laid nonwovens.

In the advanced training program, PTS imparts current paper technology knowledge as is required in paper production, paper processing and for the use of paper as a new material.

In addition, PTS is a proud member of the AiF working group of industrial research associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. and of the ZUSE community as a transfer-oriented research institute.

Papiertechnischen Stiftung (PTS)

Pirnaer Straße 37
D - 01809 Heidenau