Formulaction GmbH

Our team is driven by the passion of science and the spirit of innovation. We provide instruments that use nondestructive technologies to characterize formulations in their native form. Today, our solutions for physical stability, particle size, phase transitions or rheological properties characterization lead the way to smart scientific analysis to help our customers achieve excellence.

In the field of ink, paint and varnish characterization, we have specialized in three areas: multiple light scattering for the characterization of dispersions, optical characterization of films, shear rheology on a chip.

Dispersion stability analysis

Colloidal Stability analysis and shelf life determination are key criteria in formulation studies of emulsions, suspensions, and foams. TURBISCAN® is the first patented technology to analyze destabilization mechanisms in concentrated dispersed media and thus the only to offer accelerated aging tests on the actual unstressed products.

Creaming, sedimentation, agglomeration, aggregation, and coalescence of even highly concentrated formulations are detected, at a very early stage, without dilution nor stress. Stability kinetics analysis is provided for an efficient and reliable analysis of samples and to help evaluate the overall quality of formulations a Turbiscan stability Index can be calculated - quantifying the destabilization with a single number.

Optical Characterization of coatings

The very first commercial instrument based on MS-DWS technology, RheolaserCOATING, enables monitoring of microstructure changes during the film formation process. It identifies the drying mechanisms and characteristic drying times on any kind of substrate and any thickness. It works on any kind of film-forming products or coatings, such as inks, paints, varnishes, resins, binders, cosmetic films...

Shear rheology on chip

Viscosity is a fundamental property that relates to fluid behavior at flow. It is essential to know the viscosity of the fluid at related shear rates, in order to control product flow during actual application (spraying, injecting, printing or simply high-speed flowing). FLUIDICAM combines optical acquisition with microfluidic principles to measure the shear viscosity of products with various consistency (from liquids and gels to semi-solid emulsions). Analyzing low viscosity samples such as solvents, water-like formulations or vaccines will require a high sensitivity of the measurement, the technology offers valuable data with high accuracy and in a short amount of time.


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