Hycamite joins the NanoCarbon network

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The target of the Network NanoCarbon is the safe and responsible further development of nanocarbons and their products. Within the network, more than 20 companies and research institutes from Germany, Europe and overseas work closely to implement innovative products and applications in a sustainable and resource friendly manner.

The technical potential of nanocarbon materials concerns various industries. Therefore, the network combines numerous partners with outstanding expertise in their respective specialist field. The center of the network activities is the open exchange between the network partners and joint R&D projects. The partners are supported by a professional network management. The management takes care of all administrative tasks, organises regular meetings, and provides comprehensible information on recent insights and achievements.

Hycamite produces both hydrogen and pure carbon sustainably by splitting methane molecules.

Here you will find the company presentation of Hycamite.

Hycamite press release.