Together we solve your metrological problems

The investigation and analysis of nanometre-scale structures is having a major impact on the development of innovative materials and products. There are a large number of providers of varied measurement methods for solving these metrological questions, all of which have their individual advantages. Comparing and classifying the various measurement methods, as well as providing custom solutions for production-oriented problems does represent a challenge.

Make use of our network’s bundled competences and tell us about your measuring problem. The network partners possess production-relevant, analytical and metrological expertise. Opportunities for cooperation range from rapidly arranging contact with a measuring technology provider right through to involvement in a joint development project.

We develop new solutions

The network initiates research, development and innovation projects on various topics in individually assembled consortiums. From project initiation, through the coordination of a project consortium, project accompaniment and implementation and on to complete management, the network offers you various levels of project management and is happy to support you throughout your projects.

We are currently working on development projects on the following issues:

  • Are nanomaterials released from medical devices?
  • How can the genetic information of pathogens be detected quickly?
  • What properties do nanomaterials have for energy storage?