X-Rite GmbH - In-line colour measurement and regulation

X-Rite is the global market leader for colour measurement. The competence centre for in-line colour measurement is located in the Martinsried district of Munich. In-line colour measurement is becoming ever more important due to the increasing pressure in production. Measurement values from the laboratory are important and indispensable for quality assurance but are not suitable for controlling a production machine. If the laboratory receives a sample for measurement, the production has often finished and now it is only possible to document the facts.

The in-line colour measurement shows the measured values in real-time so that corrective measures can be implemented in the process before the tolerance range has been exceeded. This guarantees rapid amortisation through:

  • Rapid machine start-up: Above all, the colour can be steered to the target value significantly faster -  in automatic mode!
  • Faster transition times: The transition times are significantly shortened primarily due to automated colour regulation. Normally, the transition from one colour to another can be implemented in half the time as with manual.
  • Fewer rejects due to incorrect colouring: The rapid achievement of the correct colour as well as the rapid intervention in the event of colour deviations results in fewer rejects.
  • Less reject handling: Production rejects must be stored initially in order to be introduced again in suitable circumstances.
  • Workload easement for machine personnel: Automatic colour regulation is a significant reduction in workload for the machine personnel. The personnel can concentrate on more important tasks, particularly during the start-up of the machine and during colour transitions.
  • Estimates become facts: If the in-line colour measurement is connected to an automatic regulation system, assumptions become facts. The regulation software calculates the new colour quantities precisely in order to achieve the target value in a single step.
  • Documentation of the complete production: This is important, not only for ISO 9001, but it also forms the basis for negotiations with the customers. The quality is 100% documented and thus proven. This creates customer trust.
  • Better quality: Compliance with tight tolerances has a positive and reinforcing influence on the product price.
X-Rite GmbH

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