Accurion GmbH

Accurion was founded in Göttingen in 1991 under the name of Nanofilm Technologie GmbH as a spin-off of the Max Planck institute for biophysical chemistry. The company started with a new type of microscope for investigating ultra-thin layers, the Brewster angle microscope.

In 1992 the product range was expanded with active vibration isolation systems, because the microscopes were extremely sensitive to vibrations due to the high resolution.
Accurion has always offered solutions for challenging measurement technology tasks in the areas of surface analysis and active vibration isolation.

A team of 32 employees develops, produces and distributes the products. With subsidiaries in the USA, India and China and over 20 dealers, the customers are offered a global sales and service structure.

The Nanofilm (surface analysis) division provides a great variety of applications in the area of material research, nanotechnology and biotechnology, such as monolayer, membrane research, colloid & interface research, polymer research, protein interactions, biochips, organic solar cells, graphene, 2D materials etc.

The Halcyonics (active vibration isolation) division creates products that enable vibration-sensitive analytical instruments to operate within their required operating range even under difficult conditions. The systems are used for damping scanning probe microscopes, electron microscopes, profilometers, confocal laser microscopes, ellipsometers and other vibration-sensitive applications.


Accurion GmbH

Stresemannstr. 30
37079 Goettingen