The network comprises partner companies and institutions and network management. The partners exchange information on a regular basis and use existing synergies. Our great strengths are interdisciplinarity, a high level of professional expertise, and cross-industry expertise. Consequently, our network includes chemists, physicists and engineers, as well as specialists and executives from the industry. The partners are established in a great variety of economic areas - from innovative measurement instrument developers through distributors and process integrators and on to machinery constructors and developers of complex, fully-automated work stations. Thanks to the different background knowledge and perspectives on processes, a network arises in which the partners provide mutual impetus to one another and so can develop new markets.

The network is a flexible team in which your enquiries and measurement problems will be channelled, analysed and processed in a solution-oriented manner. The table below lists all the network partners with their core competences.


Here you can find out the expertise of the individual partners and access detailed information by clicking on the logo.