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Network nanoanalytics and nanomeasurement technology in production (NAMiP)

The network nanoanalytics and nanomeasurement technology in production was founded in September 2017. The network’s long-term goal is to establish a point of contact that offers solutions in the field of measurement and analysis of nanostructured systems, and which deals specifically with the issues involved in production. A combination of the skills of the SMEs involved in the network should be created and so should provide completely new and target-oriented technological solutions for the customers and facilitate more effective, more environmentally-friendly, more reproducible and more responsible manufacturing at industrial level.

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Core competences in the network

  • Measurement of layer thickness and refractive index
  • Characterisation of dispersions
  • Analysis of the chemical composition
  • Determination of the surface properties and topography
  • Spectroscopic characterisation (colorimetry)
  • Active vibration isolation
  • Construction of custom-made machinery and automation of production processes

Objectives of the network

  • Close cooperation between the partners involved
  • Developing better and faster measuring strategies and methods, as well as analysis procedures for nanomaterials
  • Providing modular metrological solutions
  • Integrating of measuring technology for on-line and in-line process analysis
  • Establishing a point of contact for solving metrological problems in the production of nanostructured systems
  • Involvement of additional partners
  • Joint public relations activities

The current network flyer as a PDF.



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