Network NanoAnalytics and measurement technology in production

We are your network of experts for process-oriented solutions for measuring nanostructured systems. In 2017 we started working together as a cooperation network within the framework of the BMWi's ZIM programme.

Do you have a complex question...

about the detection of nanomaterials e.g. to meet regulatory requirements?

in quality assurance on the nanoscale e.g. in incoming goods inspection and production control?

and need a quick overview of suitable measurement methods and suggestions for implementation?

These are our competencies!

  • Measurement of layer thickness and refractive index
  • Characterisation of dispersions
  • Determination of the surface properties and topography
  • Powder characterisation
  • Spectroscopic characterisation / colorimetry
  • Analysis of the chemical composition

What we do in our network

  • Providing a point of contact for solving metrological problems in the production of nanostructured systems
  • Integrating of measuring technology for on-line and in-line process analysis
  • Developing better and faster measuring strategies and methods, as well as analysis procedures for nanomaterials
  • Providing modular metrological solutions
  • Close cooperation between the partners involved
  • Involvement of additional partners
  • Joint public relations activities