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Stöbich technology GmbH has been working on fire protection in the handling of lithium-ion batteries since 2013. The products include, on the one hand, protective systems for accommodating electric vehicles that have been involved in accidents, where there is an increased risk of fire due to the mechanical impact on the battery, and, on the other hand, storage and transport solutions for the safe accommodation of (defective) lithium-ion batteries. The portfolio also includes equipping stationary large-scale storage facilities with special materials to minimise the effects of damage in the event of a battery fire and equipping laboratories and research facilities with various safety systems tailored to the boundary conditions, as well as a special noxious gas filter that filters the toxic and corrosive gases produced in a lithium-ion battery fire to such an extent that people in the vicinity are not acutely endangered and material goods are not permanently damaged by corrosion. In addition, Stöbich technology GmbH advises companies that handle lithium-ion batteries in their daily business on the safe handling and fire protection of these batteries.

In the last three years, among other things, the "StrainBox" and the "StrainLock" have been developed. The StrainBox will make it possible to transport critical lithium-ion batteries in an ADR-compliant manner in the future and has an internal filter system for this purpose, which filters out and neutralises toxic gases to a large extent and prevents solids, liquids and flames from escaping from the box. The heat generated is converted in the box so that there is no critical heating of the outer walls. If the batteries inside should have an accident, contamination in the area around the box is prevented. The box is now available in different sizes and variants, so that cells, modules and entire battery systems can be stored and transported equally safely. The StrainLock is the solution for storing prototype and critical lithium-ion batteries, which is used wherever employees work with undefined or unsafe battery systems. The cabinet also has a special filter and retains flames, liquids as well as solids. Both products have already been manufactured beyond prototype status and have also been sold on the German market. With the changes in transport law in 2019, the StrainBox will greatly increase sales success due to the features described. The StrainLock, which was only completed in 2018, is also generating strong interest in the battery industry and will also enjoy strong success.

Previous projects have contributed significantly to the activities of Stöbich technology GmbH. In the ZEBRAS project, for example, materials were developed that are used and also needed for today's protection systems. The harmful gas filter developed for the first time in this project is used in almost all Stöbich products after several improvements and further developments.

Stöbich technology GmbH


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