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H-AERO - The "Universal Flyer" - Dirk Lorenzen, Deutschlandfunk, Sternzeit

The h-aero® is a sustainable flight concept that synergistically combines the advantages of the flight concepts of balloons, helicopters and aeroplanes. The h-aero® carries payloads and is a reusable, airborne data collector that does not pollute the air or our orbit.

Unlike an aircraft, the h-aero® can take off vertically, turn on the spot and hover. Compared to an aeroplane, the hybrid aircraft does not need a runway for take-off and landing. The main difference between the h-aero® and a helicopter is its energy consumption. Today's drones, for example, use helicopter technology with four rotors. The h-aero®, on the other hand, is buoyed by a gas cell. This significantly reduces its energy consumption. Compared to a balloon, the h-aero®'s envelope is much more aerodynamic and thus less sensitive to wind. Compared to a zeppelin, the crosswind sensitivity is reduced, the area-specific lifting gas volume is maximised, the structural mass is minimised, and all this significantly.

The universal aircraft can manoeuvre very agilely thanks to its rotating wings and engines. Three sizes are already on the market to date, with 500 gm, 1.1 kg and 3 kg payload at sea level.

Sustainable lift concept and long flight times

The flying object is carried by helium while in the air, only small amounts of energy are converted from the battery for the motorisation. This allows very long flight times over weeks and months. The batteries, charged with solar cells, supply energy to a board computer, which is connected to the internet via the mobile phone network. The carriers behave like aerosols in the air and are able to be used for earth observation in analogy and complementary to earth observation satellites that measure the surface and the orbit daily. The findings on melting polar ice caps, for example, can be used in such a way that new, significantly shorter shipping routes lead to reduced greenhouse gases. But this is only one of the future application scenarios.

Areas of application and use of the h-aero®

The fields of application of the h-aero are as versatile as the versatility of the portable payloads. Inspections of tunnels or shafts underground, forest fire early detection, noise emission measurement of wind turbines, educational measures on technology and digitalisation, safety aspects at events, data collection of hurricanes, inspection of power plants, digital conservation of ancient buildings indoors and outdoors, agri-cultural and forestry surveying, search and removal of minefields, raw material exploration, distribution of broadcasting, internet and telecommunication content (4G, 5G) and aerial photography.

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