Solutions for the change to electric mobility

From today's point of view, the change to a holistic concept of electric mobility is indispensable in order to achieve the CO2 reduction targets with regard to climate protection. The modern electrification of vehicles requires the development of new components: particularly light yet strong materials in the body and structure, resistant and insulating polymers in the drives, active materials and hybrids for energy storage and power generation, or lubricating greases for high speeds in electric motors.

The extraordinary properties of nanomaterials are already being used in many industries. The global availability of these materials has improved significantly in recent years and their use is becoming increasingly attractive due to falling prices. The effects of combining different materials and substances in the nano- and/or macro-scale, so-called hybrid nanomaterials, are increasingly better understood and offer advantages in the production of multifunctional materials.

The aim of the network is to improve systems in the field of electomobility with the use of hybrid nanomaterials. This shall result in innovative materials that use the properties of nanoscale materials, exploit them profitably and at the same time conserve resources and are sustainable.

Our partners benefit from:

Network meetings

We organize regular meetings for open communication, the creation of synergies and the initiation of projects.

Network expansion

We acquire further partners along the value chains in order to continuously expand the competence pool of the network.

Support for project applications

We support our partners in the selection of suitable funding measures, the formation of consortia and the preparation of project outlines.

Public Relations

We increase the visibility of the network (homepage, flyers, events, e.g. trade fairs).

Market analysis

We continuously investigate the relevant state of the art.

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