We are celebrating: 30 years SIOS Meßtechnik

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NanoAnalytics-network partner SIOS is celebrating 30-years in business.

Vor 30 Jahren wurde SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH, Partner im Netzwerk NanoAnalytik- und Messtechnik in der Produktion, in Ilmenau gegründet.
30 years ago, SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH was founded in Ilmenau. The founders Prof. Dr. Gerd Jäger, Dr. Walter Schott, Prof. Dr. Rainer Grünwald, Dr. Hans-Joachim Büchner and Dr. Detlef Heydenbluth started out with the aim of developing the potential of laser interferometry at the highest metrological level for practical applications and thus making the world of metrology even more accurate and precise.

Today, SIOS develops and produces professional precision measurement technology for science and industry around the world in a modern production facility with 45 employees in the Ilmenau Technology Park.

We wish SIOS all the best for many more years to come.

More information on SIOS Meßtechnik can be found here.